Andrew Mathers Removals provides secure and cost-effective storage solutions to suit our customer needs. Our storage centers at Hobart and Launceston offer a dust-free and vermin proof environment for your prized possessions.  These high-security sites are ideal for household and secure archive document storage.

We offer a diverse range of secure storage options including bolt sealed shipping containers and padlocked Home Pack modules sealed for security.

When you engage Andrew Mathers Removals for your storage needs, you will receive a full itemised inventory and be able to access your storage at a mutually convenient time.


Home Pack containers are ideal for small consignments. The wooden containers will be professionally packed and a record kept of each item placed in the container for easy retrieval. The numbered Home Pack containers are bolted for security and placed in rows within the storage complex.

Shipping Storage Containers sealed and numbered is the ultimate in safety and security. The containers are ideal for household removals both short and long term storage. Our solution is to bring the container to your home, load all household contents directly into the container, and security seal the container until final delivery to your new residence. This method avoids double handling your prized belongings and is highly efficient and cost-effective.


Is your office overflowing with record and document storage? We can store all your surplus records.
Your archive files, for instance, will be high security stored on multiple racking with immediate access and just a small weekly charge.

Our pickup and delivery service is available Monday – Friday.


We handle most palletised storage.

1. When can we get started?

Right now, please phone, email or complete the online inventory list.

2. How much does it cost?

Each removal will be different therefor we will quote a competitive cost based on your needs.

3. What other help is available?

We offer solutions to help with all aspects of your removal needs.

4. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash transactions, most credit/debit cards, cheques, and company orders.


Contact us for a free no-obligation quote for your particular relocation needs.

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Removal Checklist

Download and use the Andrew Mathers Removals and Storage Checklist to keep a file of all the details of your move.


If you need safe and secure storage prior to moving, we have the solution for you.


We offer a diverse range of storage options including shipping containers bolt sealed for security and Home Pack modules padlocked for security


All our storage facilities are checked for security by regular patrols.


If you need safe and secure storage prior to moving, we have the solution for you, call us for more.


We practice active pest and hygiene procedures on all storage and storage centers.


If you need safe and secure storage prior to moving, we have the solution for you.

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