Specialist antiques

Specialist antiques

Since 1870 Mathers have been relocating the antiques of today. We have the knowledge and experience to carefully and securely relocate fragile antique furniture items.

Mathers have established a distinguished history attending to antique furniture removals for private clients, museums, and auctioneers.

Antique furniture items often need to be carefully dismantled and reassembled. At Mathers, we have 150 years experience.

1. When can we get started?

Right now, please phone, email or complete the online inventory list.

2. How much does it cost?

Each removal will be different therefor we will quote a competitive cost based on your needs.

3. What other help is available?

We offer solutions to help with all aspects of your removal needs.

4. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash transactions, most credit/debit cards, cheques, and company orders.

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Download and use the Andrew Mathers Removals and Storage Checklist to keep a file of all the details of your move.

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